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The Baltic Clean Tanker Index (BCTI) is a daily assessment of the tanker Freight Market for 34 key clean petroleum products routes approximating the product tanker market. The BCTI contains assessments for

VLCCs, Aframaxes, Suezmaxes and Handysizes used to carry clean products. Freights are expressed in US dollars per ton with all calculations made via Tanker Freight Rate Assessment programs run by leading shipbrokers.

Tanker Freight , The BCTI is available as follows:

  • Daily physical assessment – Tanker Freights are assessed on a “by kind” basis to arrive at a uniform rate per product group


  • Weekly Sale & Purchase assessments -Tanker Freights are averaged over the prior seven days using data from Freight Rate Assessment programs


  • Monthly Tanker Freight Index – Tanker Freights are averaged over the prior 30 days using Freight Rate Assessment Offers


  • Quarterly Freight Benchmark – Tanker Freights are based on a Freight Rate Assessment forecast of operating costs.


The BCTI is also available as an excel spreadsheet containing all product groups, surcharges and deductions for each route assessed alongside the daily physical/weekly S&P assessments. The excel spreadsheet is known as the Freight Index. Tanker Freights in the Freight Index are subject to a +/- 5% fluctuation.


The Tanker Freight Index is recalculated from time-charter equivalents (TCEs) when there is at least one voyage following the change of ownership/flag of a vessel.

Trusted data for tankers Freight

The Baltic Exchange supply a full picture of the tanker market through its daily physical and forward assessments, weekly Sale & Purchase and vessel recycling data and quarterly benchmark of operating costs.

Our tanker information is independent and enhance physical and FFA contracts.

  • VLCC to handysize tankers
  • 34 key clean and dirty routes
  • Worldscale and Time Charter Equivalent assessments
  • Based on assessments by leading shipbrokers



Clean Petroleum Products “CPP” are materials derived from crude oil {petroleum} as it is processed in oil refineries.  The largest share of oil products is used as energy carriers, e.g. various grades of fuel oil and gasoline. Those fuels include or can be blended to give gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, heating oil & heavier fuel oils.

Select a route

Tanker freight Clean Products
Tanker freight Clean Products


  • TC1 – Middle East Gulf to Japan (CPP,UNL & naphtha condensate)
  • TC2_37 – Continent to US Atlantic coast (CPP & UNL)
  • TC5 – Middle East Gulf to Japan (CPP & UNL & naphtha condensate)
  • TC6 – Algeria to European Mediterranean (CPP & UNL)
  • TC7 – Singapore to east coast Australia (CPP)
  • TC8 – Middle East Gulf to UK-Cont. (CPP & UNL)
  • TC9 – Baltic to UK-Cont. (CPP& UNL & ULSD)
  • TC10 – South Korea to No-Pac west coast {CPP/UNL}
  • TC11 – South Korea to Singapore (CPP)
  • TC12 – Sikka (WCI) to Japan (naphtha)
  • TC14 – US Gulf to Cont. (CPP, UNL, diesel)
  • TC15 – Med / Far East (naphtha)
  • TC16 – Amsterdam to offshore Lome (CPP)
  • TC17 – Middle East Gulf to East Africa
  • TC18 – US Gulf to Brazil
  • MR Atlantic Basket (TC2 TCE & TC14 TCE)
  • MR Pacific Basket (TC11 TCE & TC12 TCE)


Tanker freight - Dirty Petroleum Products
Tanker freight – Dirty Petroleum Products


Dirty Petroleum Products are effectively crude “unrefined” oil.


  1. TD1 – Middle East Gulf to US Gulf
  2. TD2 – Middle East Gulf to Singapore
  3. TD3C – Middle East Gulf to China
  4. TD6 – Black Sea to Mediterranean
  5. TD7 – North Sea to Cont
  6. TD8 – Kuwait to Singapore (Crude/DPP heat 135F)
  7. TD9 – Caribbean to US Gulf
  8. TD12 – Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp to US Gulf
  9. TD14 – South East Asia to east coast Australia
  10. TD15 – West Africa to China
  11. TD17 – Baltic to UK-Cont
  12. TD18 – Baltic to UK-Cont
  13. TD19 – Cross Mediterranean
  14. TD20 – West Africa to UK-Continent
  15. TD21 – Caribbean to US Gulf (50,000mt fuel oil)
  16. TD22 – US Gulf to China (assessed in US $/lumpsum)
  17. TD23 – Middle East Gulf to Mediterranean (Light Crude)
  18. TD24 – Pacific Russia to China
  • TD25 – US Gulf to A-R-A- VLCC TCE (TD1 & TD3C)

–     Suezmax TCE (TD6 & TD20)

–     Aframax TCE (TD7, TD8, TD9, TD14, TD17 & TD19)

Sale & Purchase 

Weekly assessments for a five-year old vessel type for:

VLCC (305,000 dwt)
Suezmax (158,000 dwt)
Aframax (115,000 dwt)
MR Product Tanker (51,000 dwt)


Weekly assessments of in US $/Lightweight for tankers. Delivery in Bangladesh, India & Pakistan

Large Tanker 30,001+ LDT
Medium Tanker 15,001-30,000 LDT
Small Tanker 7,000-15,000 LDT


A quarterly index tracking the daily vessel operating costs for Aframax & MR product carriers.

The Baltic Operating Costs Index, Tanker “TOPEX” is calculated using crewing, technical and insurance costs. Published quarterly.

the assessment is based on assessments by leading third party ship managers.

A five-year old dry dock cost, amortized over five years, is published separately.

The Baltic Clean Tanker Index “BCTI” is comprised of routes representing the major trades in Clean Petroleum Products “CPP” Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Naphta and Clean Condensates. These are carried primarily on clean petroleum tankers, which include (MR, LR1 and LR2 tankers).

The Baltic Dirty Tanker Index (BDTI) is comprised of routes representing the main trades in crude oil or other black oils such as residual fuel oil.

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